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Cake Ingredients:

1. 5 egg yolks
2. 3 egg whites
3. 100 grams granulated sugar
4. 1 tsp cake emulsifier such as TBM
5. 100 grams of wheat flour
6. 50 grams of liquid margarine


1. 150 grams granulated sugar
2. 100 ml of liquid milk
3. Rhum, when love

Orange Cream:

1. 100 ml of cold orange juice
2. 50 grams sugar
3. 1 tablespoon gelatine, dissolve it with 5 tablespoons water and the team
4. 250 ml of cold heavy cream


Sliced white cooking chocolate, and fresh strawberries


1. Prepare the mold form of small round, or according to taste, and plastic mica, circle prints with 6-8 cm tall mica, mica coated with plastic, and connect using double type. Prepare the pan size 30 x 23 cm, spread with margarine, sprinkle with flour.
2. Cake: preheat oven to 175 º C, beat egg yolks with egg whites, sugar, and cake emulsifier until soft, put the flour, stir well, add margarine melted, stir well and pour into pan, bake for 15 minutes until cooked, lift.
3. Syrup: boil sugar and water, after boiling, remove, let cool, add the rhum if desired.
4. Orange Cream: dissolve gelatine with hot water and color to expand the team until stiff. Mix the heavy cream with sweet orange juice and gelatine and stir well.
5. Solution: cut the cake with mold, put it in mica drizzle with syrup, sliced strawberries around the mica system, spray orange cream until almost full, Keep refrigerated at least 3 hours, remove the decorative with slices of ripe shaved chocolate and fresh strawberries. Serve.


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