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Coffee drinkers around the world can now be your cup of coffee at regular intervals and go to "organic". Coffee. Organic seeds of coffee has its own advantages and better for you than their conventional counterparts. Made with organic coffee grown and harvested without the use of chemicals or synthetic Pesticides or herbicides, which may be harmful to farmers and consumers. Because less organic coffee production compared to the traditional coffee, this coffee is usually more expensive than regular coffee.

Growing organic coffee. Emphasis on recycling, buy fair trade, composting, soil health and healthy environment. Coffee from a third party organic certification body in the third, more general, organic farmers checked using organic. Association for improvement of crops. There is a price to earnings for small producers, who often make. This type of coffee: also grown organic coffee, shade, "which increases the efficiency and increases costs.

Types of coffee.

Most organic coffee is also regarded as "fair trade coffee", and a special certification is required for this status: Honest. Promoting trade coffee is sold in coffee merchant and profit for the producer, is generally better. Third-party certification organization that certifies coffee, Trans Fair USA is right.

Methods for organic coffee requires a fair agreement says importers, coffee and small farmers,Importers to buy a small organic coffee farmers in the Register of coffee. Organic farmers have a minimum "fair price" coffee and importers of certain guarantees. Loans to farmers against future sales, to keep farmers in debt. The average person comes into this process.

It is also important for agriculture, sustainable agriculture, organic coffee. Although the concept of "sustainable". Changes will mean increasing clear that the green coffee healthy for the environment and the people grow, and the date of purchase: Sustainable agriculture, organic soil is not destroyed, the product develops and uses very little external energy.

Production of organic products.

Sustainable organic agriculture goes back down to earth and get: non-renewable resources to avoid pollution and the growing process is as much as possible, sustainable agriculture, environmental Trust Limited. Health and wellbeing of employees. As an example of a sustainable agricultural and processing organic coffee. Shells as a fuel instead of fuel oil or natural gas for heating. Trees grow to compensate.


Sustained economic growth in organic coffee you try, the excess energy should be avoided, is added to the system. For example, coffee Calendar. Drainage system is used instead of drying coffee. Water consumption is reduced to a minimum ecological sustainability. Processing, the coffee is kept clean and used water. Fermentation tanks are discharged to rivers or coffee lakes, but of course through the soil before being used for irrigation filtered.

Sustainable organic farms are among the coffee plants and coffee pulp composting manure will be spread. Sales increase in soil minerals maximized. In general, organic coffee is safe and good for the environment: consumers can buy these products, cooperatives, natural foods stores and some supermarkets.


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