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5 Avail Tuna for the Health of the Body

5 Avail Tuna for the Health of the Body

We know that Tuna fish that live in the deep sea is a source of nutrients to the body. Tuna meat is very rich in protein and other essential nutrients such as minerals selenium, magnesium, and potassium, vitamin B complex and omega-3 is very beneficial for our body.

Following a number of protein and nutrients in tuna meat for health :  

1. For heart health Tuna fish with omega-high this extremely useful maintaining heart function. Omega-3 increases the ratio of the concentration of HDL or good cholesterol in the body, pressing the blood clots in the blood vessels, and keeping the rhythm of the heartbeat.

2. To prevent cancer A study found that tuna served to prevent cancer, ovarian cancer, including cancer of the pancreas, and the type of cancer that attacks the digestive tract (mouth, pharynx cancer, esophageal, stomach, and intestines). The content of omega-3 rich in tuna is also useful to prevent breast cancer and decreases the risk of developing leukemia.

3. Very Useful to Enhance Cognitive Brain Function Omega-3 helps improve the function of remembering or cognitive brain function, so that keeps us from diseases such as Alzheimer's degeneration of brain function because it helps facilitate blood supply to the brain. Omega-3 also lowers the risk of inflammation, mediates the signal to be received by the brain, in people who suffer Alzhemeir will experience disruption in delivery of signals or impulses to the brain.  

4. Can Encourage Increased Response hormone Insulin Tuna are also advised to be consumed for those who suffer from diabetes type 2, because the fat content of omega-this. Various studies suggest, the omega-3 in fish tuna – prevents you from obesity and improve response to insulin hormone in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids known as EPA that helps regulate weight and metabolism by secreting the hormone leptin.  

5. it is also to help the detoxification process Selenium along with omega-3s are contained in tuna, is important to fuel the production of gluthathione peroxidase – types of antioxidants. This antioxidant function is important for health care – which act to detoxify. Selenium also plays a role in preventing cancer and heart disease.


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