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5 Tips for Healthy Eating

5 Tips for Healthy Eating

Some chronic diseases suffered right now, such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart and so closely related to what we put into our stomach, or what we eat. Unfortunately, in the midst of the bustle of modern life right now, what we put it often escapes our attention, it's no wonder that diseases become the main killer of us right now. Some of the tips below can hopefully help you out.  

1. Eat only when hungry

Eat when you're hungry, not when you are sad, bored, stress, there are the reception, invitations, or just because there's free food, the food looked mouth-watering. When you eat because of this reason, the food you consume is usually appropriate unhealthy, excessive, and what was the purpose of the meal itself to maintain the body, pleasure, satisfaction of gaining sufficient energy will not be achieved, on the contrary, the disease you will get. But, when you eat only when hungry enjoy the food it would be you feel. In addition, you don't need to overeat, get stuffed, satisfied, so that you feel is sufficient, but if you eat because of the sad, bored, stress, more fun, you need more food.  

2. Eat dishes from your own kitchen

Consume foods that you buy on the outside, with the food you cook yourself is definitely not the same quality and influence. Foods from your kitchen, you alone determine what you are going to Cook, Cook meat, fish, vegetable, how many, what kind of seasoning salts, how much, and how to cook it.

What you cook, what her, how much salt seasoning you put, how to cook it will determine the quality of the food you eat. In addition, the activity in the kitchen that you do can be something fun, and burn Your energy reserves. When you eat out, which determine things is the chef, not only how to prepare it, but also what you should eat. Unfortunately, our kitchen is now rare smoky.  

3. Choose smaller plates

What, how, and how the food you put in your plate will inspire Your appetite, the taste is satisfied, well-fed, and the impression that you see through the eyes of will also be giving the influence portion of your food. Smaller plates that you choose to give the impression that the food is placed on top of it seemed to be a lot more. This may prevent you from eating more too

4. Eat less but more often

In today's fast-paced level nature, there is a trend of people eating 1-2 times a day, but in a huge portion. Many have not had breakfast, compensations they lunch in large numbers or vice versa. Packed with this pattern turned out to be unhealthy, giving excessive weight on your stomach in all at once, with a variety of complaints such as abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and processing, food absorption is not perfect.

Even many reports incidence of heart attack due to a diet like this. In addition, eat a lot at once, much less you consume food that has high glycemic index, foods containing less fiber, your blood sugar levels can rise suddenly, which also spurred the release of large amounts of Insulin. The release of large amounts of insulin caused blood sugar went down fast as well, giving rise to symptoms such as fatigue, mood you distracted, sleepy and you look for the appropriate snacks sweets.

Instead, eat less, but more often, the other being healthy for the digestive system, can also maintain your blood sugar more stable. Therefore these habits can reduce the risk of the threat of diabetes. So, make it a habit to eat smaller portions, but frequency more often. There are experts who recommend 4-5 times a day is more for you.  

5. Eat with a relaxed, casual, and slowly

Because of the narrow time feel, hunted target, many of us are eating right now, under pressure, in a State of stress, while watching TV, on the computer, on top of a desk, running, even while carrying vehicles.

When you don't focus with food in front of you, besides you can't enjoy it, your digestive system will also be disrupted. You may also dine in the appropriate serving of exaggeration.

We recommend that you eat in a State of quiet, slow down. Packed with the situation this way gives you the opportunity to enjoy the food better, chewing longer and our digestive system also works perfectly.

Packed in a hurry, for example 1-2 plates is up You eat in 10 minutes or less, but you still don't feel full, satisfied, was caused by a reflex satisfied, well-fed to arrive to our brain takes about 20 minutes after we started eating. So, if you eat in a hurry you


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